About Us

All great stories start in someone’s garage. Ours is no different. Founded in April of 2017 OhioTRUE aims to deliver comfortable tee shirts and other complimentary apparel products that connect with local communities through graphic designs that connects our customers together.


OhioTRUE means so much more than knowing where you’re from or who you represent. We strive to be TRUE everyday.

Trustworthy: Losing trust in a relationship is a death sentence and we’re going steady with our customers.

Right: Doing the right thing isn’t a hard thing to do, but doing the right thing when no one is around can be difficult. We want to do right by our customers, our partners, and our communities.

Uphold: Treat every customer the way you would want to be treated; customer service that would make Mom proud.

Excellence: We don’t hold ourselves to good or great, we want to be excellent. Excellent quality, excellent products, excellent events, and excellent customer service - just to name a few.

OhioTRUE is more than just our name, it’s also a rally cry. We are TRUE to our customers. We are TRUE to our communities. We are TRUE to one another. We are OhioTRUE.

In an ever changing world, it's more important than ever to remain “TRUE to you.” March to the beat of your own drum. Live your best life. There will always be critics, but life is all about how you respond to those that try to get you down.

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